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TCE, Inc.
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Phone: 320-774-1985
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Fax: 320-774-1986
Email: info@tce4cdl.com


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Job Placement… We Are Committed to You And Your Growth Even After Graduation

At TCE, Inc. we offer truck driving job placement assistance before, during, and after training. As a well-established career school we maintain working relationships with a variety of trucking companies all across the country, most of whom offer pre-hires or pre-enrollment job opportunities. Throughout the training and job placement phases you will continually be provided with information about employee qualifications and options.


Our on-going job placement efforts include:

  • Having many truck company job applications available right at the school with the option to complete and fax the application from our office.
  • Being one of the ONLY truck driving school with the ability to issue a conditional pre-hire by thoroughly reviewing the necessary documents and underwriting your employability on the initial visit.
  • Inviting company recruiters to frequently visit TCE.
  • Participating in Truck Driver Job Fairs and Informational Events throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, the St. Cloud area, and throughout greater Minnesota.

Transportation Center for Excellence, Inc. is a neutral school. We do not determine where a student goes to work based on kickbacks, referrals or any other form of non-disclosed fees. This is a requirement for us, not a marketing gimmick.



  • CDL Pre-Hire Process
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  • Truck Driving Employment Opportunities
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CDL Pre-Hire Process

TCE requires pre-hire letters from one of our many truck driving carriers prior to enrolling a client in a CDL class. We have built a seamless system for all of our clients, both the student and the end employer. At TCE we offer the following services to help you receive a pre-hire employment letter from a commercial motor vehicle carrier.

  • Obtain a Criminal Background Report and Motor Vehicle Report (If you have been convicted of a felony, our office will help assess your eligibility).
  • Maintain an on-going inventory of Local, Regional, and Over-the-Road Carriers that hire student graduates.
  • Maintain applications for most of the companies we partner with.  If registration is required online, TCE provides our students with a resource room with computers, phones and a fax machine available for your use.
  • Review of all student applications to ensure that applications are completed properly.  We oversee the correction of all errors and process applications along with other additional information required by the Motor Carrier to obtain pre-hire status.
  • Provide one-on-one assistance from an individual who has direct access with many carriers handling TCE’s applications. This ensures that TCE students are given review preference over the other applications.
  • Operate as a knowledgeable resource with up-to-date information on the compensation and benefits offered by our many carriers.
  • Provide a placement specialist to ensure that each student will receive one-on-one care to handle any questions or concerns.
  • Offer students access to computers, telephones, and fax machines for the purpose of  researching job opportunities and submitting applications.  
  • Schedule frequent visits by various trucking companies to speak directly to students.
  • Perform follow-up calls to check with carriers on pre-hires.
  • Notify you when you have received pre-hire.